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LiquiTube™ Tire Sealant

LiquiTube™ Tire Sealant in Morris, PA

Ever get a flat tire? If you have, you know that a flat tire can ruin your entire day. Waiting for a tow truck to change the tire and all the things that come with it can take up all your time. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a better solution?

Morris Tire & Auto Service has the answer to flat tires in Morris, PA, Wellsboro, PA, or Mansfield, PA. Driving along Route 287 or Route 6 can be tough sometimes. Go easy on your tires with LiquiTube™™ Tire Sealant.

LiquiTube™: The Original Liquid Inner Tube

From commercial tires to your daily driver, LiquiTube™ protects them all. LiquiTube™ helps repair and prevent air loss in your tire due to punctures, and leaks. The product can seal a puncture up to ¼” in any inflated tire.

Protect Your Tires in Mansfield

When you bring your tires to us, we'll help you seal them quickly and easily. Our technicians simply coat the inside of your tire with the recommended amount of sealant. That's it!

Unlike many cheap sealants, LiquiTube™ lasts. It won't dry out or corrode over time like others do. This means your tires will always be protected from punctures or other damage. Even better? It's made form 88% recycled material, nothing hazardous. LiquiTube™ can be safely washed down the drain.

Why Choose LiquiTube™ Tire Sealant?

There are many reasons why you should choose LiquiTube™ for your tires. Read on for yourself if you're not convinced. LiquiTube™:

  • Stays liquid for the life of the tire. It will never dry up or corrode.
  • Effective in temperatures ranging from -45 F to 200 F.
  • Will not rust, corrode, or pit rims.
  • Does not void the warranties of most major tire brands, including: MICHELIN®, Goodyear, Firestone and more!

If you need to protect your tires, choose LiquiTube™ from Morris Tire & Auto Service. Give us a call now at (570) 353-5353 to start protecting your tires in Wellsboro, PA.

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